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The Boss Martians started their music career in 1991 hammering out a sound familiar to original surf & garage rock. Like all legacy artists over the years, the Martians have been responsive to shifting sounds and tones. With their first release on No-Count Records and the addition of a dirty tenor saxophone, The Boss Martians are returning to their initial love of late 1950’s rock n roll; as if Bill Haley and His Comets had too much coffee and too little time.


With waves of haunting synthesizers, crooning vocals, jagged guitars and pulsating beats, Jupe Jupe creates mournful pop music that moves. The quartet presents a collection of darkwave-pop hooks in its latest full-length album, Midnight Waits for No One. Released on No-Count Records, the 12-song album is a noir-cocktail of soundscapes in Jupe Jupe’s unique style.

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They are here to put the URF! back in surf! They love tremolo, they love beer and they've got guts! The Tremolo Beer Gut is the premier retro-surf-rock band on the planet. Their records explode with original compositions, recorded in mono, dual stereo and whichever way the band damn well pleases.

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In 1977, Alan Milman Sect gave the world the punk-cult classic “Stitches In My Head/I Wanna Kill Somebody”. In perfect punk rock fashion the band disintegrated in 1978. Al owned a record store on the Ave in Seattle. Al goes to shows. Al writes music. Aging punk rockers are rarer than you might think.


Formed in 2010 by Erik Foster, Evan O’Neil, & Evan Foster, The Dirty Sidewalks have a gleam in their eye and rough edge in their heads and in their hearts. Hard driving, 35 minutes sets that could go longer, but “for what?”, they punch-up anthemic tunes informed equally by ‘80’s college rock, ‘90’s Britpop, and ‘60’s harmonic stylings.

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Lea Tucker picked up her first guitar at age 3. Hard not to when your father loves AM country radio and your mom loves folk. At 15 she started writing and performing with bands in Seattle. This is her first release as a solo artist. Lea brings perspective to No-Count Records being AAPI in the Pacific Northwest, experiencing life in the LGBTQIA + community. She has honed her ability to remain connected to her roots of songwriting while walking a fresh edge.


Larry Foster’s musical story starts in the 1960’s as part of a singer songwriter duo traveling around the Midwest. Picking up a third singer, and his future wife Marita Crites, the trio known as The Three of Us landed in NYC and got a gig recording demos for the Barbara Streisand Orchestra. Shepherding pre-Vietnam War singer-songwriter instincts Larry Foster has continued to write about life through that great Southern California lens.

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